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Educational Mission and our goals

Wee Can is proud to be the ONLY New York State approved Integrated  Pre-School Program in Orchard Park

-- What is an integrated program and why is it important?  Integration is a natural mix of children with different abilities.  Children develop different skills at different rates, children learn not only from adults, but also from other children. 

There are social skills that children learn from interacting with other children-sharing, cooperative play, waiting their turn, using words instead of fists to get what they want, coping with disappointment, what to do when a child wants what you have. 

There are other social skills that children learn from adults, table manners, hand washing, toilet use, safe street crossing, letters, numbers, songs, reading, conflict management.

By having children with all different abilities and strengths in different areas together, they all learn and develop very strong and lasting social/emotional skills at an early age. 

bulletChildren learn compassion and tolerance to accept each person for who and what they are, not what they look like or what they can not do
bulletAcceptance of diversity at an early age will go a long way to set up friendships
bulletIntegration encourages cooperation
bulletChildren who are "typical" in their development learn compassion, cooperation, acceptance, and get individualized attention from our Master's Educated Teacher's on a daily basis.
bulletChildren who have delays or weaknesses in any area of their development will see positive modeling, age appropriate abilities and get individualized attention from our Master's Educated Teacher's on a daily basis as well.
bulletOur class size is limited to 12 students- this allows a lot of individualized 1 on 1 teacher/student interaction for all the students.

Classrooms offered at

Wee Can Pre-School & Childcare

Toddler care (18-36 months)

Early Intervention Program (18-36 months)

Early Autism Program

Medically Fragile Program

 Orchard Park Central School District Universal Pre Kindergarten

Preschool (3 & 4 years of age)

Autism Spectrum program (3 & 4 years of age)





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