Wee Can Pre-School & Early Childhood Program


Preschool Program

Wee Can preschool is the ONLY New York State approved integrated preschool program in Orchard Park

Integration and "mixed aged classrooms" are core beliefs of Wee Can

What is integration?......Children with all abilities are accepted and welcomed at Wee Can Preschool. The spectrum of needs is: gifted and talented through special needs. By keeping our groups small, we are able to provide for the individual learning needs of every child. We have Masterís Degree teachers in every preschool classroom and they develop their curriculum based on the childrenís learning style and the childrenís interests. Don't think that because there are children with special needs in the classroom, our academic program is "watered down"- we work on pre-academic kindergarten skills with all the children. Our focus for the Universal Pre Kindergarten students is preparing them for the next environment...... Kindergarten . 

Our Preschool classrooms curriculum is designed with Kindergarten readiness in mind.  We use NYS preschool learning standards to develop our program : Pre-reading skills, fine motor and pre-writing skills, colors, shapes, ABCís, days of the week, months of the year, social and self help skills are taught .We have very high scores on our graduates as they "graduate" and go on to Kindergarten in Orchard Park. Please see the following link :  http://www.emsc.nysed.gov/upk/regulations.html (see page 2 "curriculum")

What is Mixed aged classrooms?.....In each of our preschool classrooms, we mix 3 and 4 year old children together in one class. This is important because it gives the younger children good role models to base behavior on, it also gives the older children a sense of "community" and "mastery" when they help a younger child, or "show them the way we do it"- it makes them feel helpful and boosts their self confidence. Mixing ages removes many negative feelings the children develop - if they see other children that have a difficult time cutting or coloring in the lines, they don't feel so frustrated or "inadequate"- there are many more positive feelings- less negative feelings about one's self and abilities.


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